Universal Design and Playspaces ‘from Concept to Completion’

Universal Design and Playspaces ‘from Concept to Completion’

Presenter: Evan Wilkinson, Regional Coordinator, Sport and Recreation Victoria

Oral Presentation

For the past decade Sport and Recreation Victoria has been playing a leading role with the application of Universal Design principles into community sport and active recreation facilities across Victoria, with the goal to enable and empower a diverse population by improving human performance, health and wellness and encouraging social participation.

Sport and Recreation Victoria’s, Regional Coordinator, Name will provide an insightful and informative presentation on a recently completed regional play space project at Kingston Park in Ocean Grove, which was funded in partnership between Sport and Recreation Victoria and the City of Greater Geelong. Due to its broad appeal in catering for a broad range of users and age groups, this brand new play spaces that has considered the principles of Universal Design from the outset provides a great platform to review and discuss in more detail.

Spoken from the funding partner’s perspective the presentation will address the different stages of this project’s lifecycle and how the principles of Universal Design were considered along the journey from the initial funding application and design phase through to the completed project.

The presentation will also discuss the benefits of the funding partnership between State and Local Government and whether or not the inclusion of the principles was successful in practice, the involvement of SRV as the funding partner during the design phase and how well the completed project was able to deliver an inclusive and innovative play space.