Janice Rieger

Reframing Universal Design: Creating Short Videos for Inclusion

Presenter:  Janice Rieger, Senior Lecturer, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology

Workshop Presentation

In this workshop, participants will view four short design videos, and reflect on how videos can be created to enact change and broaden our thinking about universal design. As well as discussing practical considerations of different audiences, filming logistics, content, methods, participants, etc., this workshop will highlight the importance of inclusion in videos (e.g., the use of captions). The four featured videos will showcase designing for disability in houses, urban spaces and public institutions in Australia and Canada.

Videos are a powerful medium that can be used across all sectors to inform best practice in universal design and contribute towards inclusive and thriving communities. The suite of resources presented in this workshop through a series of experiential activities offer new ways to understand inclusion and generate innovative and accessible solutions.

The workshop will highlight how inclusive videos have the ability to impact spatial design, education and policy development. It will introduce innovative ways to communicate with our stakeholders everywhere and everyway, beyond plans, policies and document.