Everyone Can Play; Collaboration from Commencement to Implementation

Everyone Can Play; Collaboration from Commencement to Implementation

Presenter: Fiona Morrison, Director, Open Space, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Oral Presentation

In 2017 NSW committed to making playspaces better places for everyone. Over a 15 month period, the NSW Government worked closely with stakeholders, government and community to establish a program that would meet community needs and make long lasting change.

People came together from across government, industry and the design sector to develop policy and a funding program that would promote innovation, design excellence and best practice for inclusive play in NSW.

Over more than 6,000 hours, opinions were shared, perspectives were exposed, and minds were opened to a new way of policy creation. Collaboration was the foundation of this policy. Collaboration and innovation are central to its ongoing implementation.

Understanding the lessons learnt from the Everyone Can Play program are necessary to ensure future policy created for open space and green infrastructure can be pragmatic, innovative, creative and inspirational.