Geoff Barker

  • Geoff Barker is experienced in a holistic approach to remote area projects in Australia and internationally. The last 30 years has seen Geoff work throughout Western Australia and Northern Territory on a diverse range of projects all of which focus on finding opportunities for the involvement of local people, and where possible, local materials in their projects. In Geoff’s role as Design and Project Development Manager for the Territory Alliance he contributed to all phases of the project from inception, community engagement and feasibility assessments through design and documentation to completion and post completion activities. The SIHIP projects have been an extraordinary experience with broad socio-economic as well as physical objectives, challenges and achievements. Over the years, Geoff and the PM+D team successes have been in community engagement (for which they received an IAP2 Award), trust through the relationships developed with key stakeholders, appropriate design outcomes and the acceptance by stakeholders of finished projects.


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