Sally Coddington

  • Ms Sally Coddington has a background in business and marketing in Australia and overseas, and through her consultancy, Curb Cut Effect advises businesses about commercial solutions to empower people with disability. She has held various positions in the not-for-profit sector, including the Hunter Business Chamber, lectured at the University of Newcastle, and is currently a member of the NSW Disability Council. Sally will outline how companies are recognising market opportunities and beginning to develop ways to communicate and build brand loyalty with people with disability. These organisations understand that people with disability want staff with practical skills who can deliver exceptional customer service and speak to them directly. The global market for people with disability is close is size to China, and together with friends and family, they control over USD 8 trillion in disposable income. More than one third of Australian families have a member with a disability: 70% socialise or relatives at least once a week, 40% eat at a restaurant at least once a week, and 23% go to department stores or shopping centres at least once a week.

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