Goh Siam Imm

  • Ms Goh Siam Imm, a Registered Architect, is the Technical Director of Universal Design (UD) Department which developed and implements the Accessibility Master plan in Singapore.

    In addition to her previous role as a regulator in Building Control and Fire Safety, she had more than 10 years of architectural practice in both private and public sectors. Having the opportunity to work with persons with disabilities, she is very passionate about promoting UD to create an inclusive society.

    She is actively involved in the development of Codes and National Standards. In the last ten years as Director of UD Department, she had developed UD guides and chaired the multi-agency Committee in the review and development of the 2007 and 2013 editions of the BCA’s Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment.

    She currently chairs the Technical Committee for Liveability within Homes and Community which oversees the development of the Singapore Standards catering to the Silver Industry and the needs of older persons. National Standards developed include   SS556 : 2011 Code of Practice for the Design and Management of Aquatic Facilities and SS605 : 2015 Guide for Age-friendly Home.

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