Pre Conference Events

  • City of Sydney Workshop: Best Practice in Public Facility Design: Working with the City’s Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel

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    This two-hour workshop will give an overview of the City’s Inclusion Panel, how it was recruited and its involvement with the City’s strategic plans and other activities. Using the case study of the new aquatic and recreation centre at Gunyama Park, Council staff will share their experiences of working with members of the Inclusion Panel and how their feedback informs the design of public facilities. The workshop will include a presentation of the project and a question and answer session. This workshop will be of particular interest to local government staff, architects and landscape architects, and others who are interested in user involvement in design. Registration is open to conference delegates at an additional cost of $35 plus GST.
    29 August 2pm to 4pm.

    Booked Out: Sydney Opera House: Heritage meets accessibility and universal design

    The Sydney Opera House is a World Heritage listed building. It’s on the state, the national and the world heritage lists. It is one of the busiest performing arts centres in the world, providing over 1800 performances and visited by an estimated 8.2 million people a year. There are seven primary venues: the Concert Hall, Opera Theatre, Drama Theatre, Playhouse, The Studio, Forecourt and Utzon Room.

    To make any modifications there is a specific process that must be followed, and this can be complex, particularly with competing requirements such as sustainability and heritage conservation. When the building was designed building codes did not incorporate even basic accessibility requirements. Today, the Sydney Opera House is physically accessible to wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility with the strategic installation of lifts and escalators. The performances now offer access services such as audio description, captioning and/or Auslan interpreting, multi-sensory theatre performances and a range of access and inclusion programs for people with disabilities. Performers with disability are also able to stage their productions at the Opera House.

    Learn more from the Building Team at Sydney Opera House about the plans, processes, staff training, and inventive solutions used to create a more inclusive building for audiences and performers alike no matter what their age or ability. Particular focus will be given to the Building Renewal projects currently in the planning stage and the Accessibility Masterplan which will help to address the remaining physical access barriers in key parts of the building.  As the CEO Louise Herron AM says, “The Sydney Opera House belongs to everyone”.

    Registration is open to conference attendees with an additional registration fee of $35.00. Participants should note that the accessibility of the Sydney Opera House is a work in progress. The site visit includes back of house sections of the building with stairs, so not all sections are wheelchair accessible. However, every effort will be made to include wheelchair users and others with mobility difficulties during the site visit. Public areas are of course accessible.
    29 August 2pm to 4pm.