STEP Up – shape your space

  • ‘STEP Up – shape your space’ is an online training program for recreation centre staff that work in YMCA Victoria programs and facilities to ensure all community members feel welcome and included.  The training has been designed using a Universal Design framework to ensure the needs of all people no matter their age, income, gender, ability, culture, religion or sexual orientation are considered.  The Universal Design principles have been imbedded in the elements of the STEP acronym which stands for Space, Task, Equipment and People as a way of supporting staff to consider the elements required to make programs fair and encourage the highest level of independence for all centre users.  The training uses Universal Design in a unique way as it focusses on program delivery and human interaction rather than facility design.  A user centred approach has been used throughout the design of the training with real centre members being included in training videos and content development.  STEP Up is an excellent example of simplifying the Universal Design principles so they are easy for recreation centre staff to put into practice and change their thinking around proactive inclusion rather than reactive inclusion. This presentation will highlight the challenges, highlights and knowledge gained in developing an online training program which has utilised Universal Design in content, delivery and style.  It is useful and relevant for those wanting to explore sharing and adapting the 7 principles of Universal Design from theory into practice for those working in the community.

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