Age’n’Dem Friendly Streetscapes

  • With around 95% of older people opting to live at home as they age and some 70% of people with dementia staying in their home environments, more needs to be done to enable aged and dementia (what we might call ‘Age’n’Dem’) friendly communities. The evidence supporting the benefits of walking for Age’n’Dem people is widespread and seemingly incontrovertible but how do Government and policy makers use this information to practical benefit in the community?

    The evidence base, supported by over ten years of research; has resulted in few ‘end user’ practical tools being developed. As a local government with a high percentage of older people, Moonee Valley City Council sought and received funding from the Victorian Government to develop a ‘toolkit’ to help Local Governments to implement more Age’n’Dem friendly streetscapes and encourage more walking. Based on available evidence and working closely with Council and their reference focus group, the toolkit developed guidelines and techniques to assist those tasked with the responsibility of looking after the public realm for increasingly Age’n’Dem communities. It was developed with four possible end goals in mind.

    1. To inform various stakeholders about the importance of aged friendly streetscapes and how to create them.
    2. For use by Council staff and contractors when designing, constructing or upgrading new and existing infrastructure
    3. For use an audit tool for existing streetscapes to guide improvement programs.
    4. As a planning tool to guide development

    The presentation will describe the process went through and show the end result.

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